It may not be the best ever, ever, but that's just because we were completely normal people selling completely normal stuff, but it has to be way up there as far as an everyday CL post that is pretty awesome.


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9-2 Thursday and Friday
12-4 Saturday

 N. 93rd St. in Milwaukee (right by the zoo)

Attention Ladies! My wife is not around and I've decided to get rid of everything I can. Let me digress... About a week ago, I was walking to the kitchen in the dark and I tripped over a fire truck, nearly crashing into the refrigerator. I realized three things at that moment: First, the potential irony of the fire department paramedics responding to the call; Second, we have too much stuff; Third, we're not having any more kids (don't worry, we'd talked about this one already).

Don't get me wrong, I love my wife and kids, but there's a time when a man has to put his foot down and reclaim his basement, at least until the 'exercise room' becomes a Barbie town. Anyhow, we are offering to you an opportunity to get all kinds of stuff for your kids and yourself, and yes there are a few items for the guys, too.

Please feel free to take advantage of the situation. My wife would want to debate over prices and use a calculator. I want to sell everything.

Kids items, including clothing (boy and girl 0-3), toys, car seats (Graco system with two bases) and carrying devices, a pack and play, and a crib ( . No lie, you're going to look at all the clothing and wonder if we had a dozen kids in the house, and not just two. We've got entire boxes of infant toys that rattle a lot and make stupid noises babies like. As an added bonus, none of our toys have been thrown in the toilet or puked on, and our daughter only got a hold of a few with her markers, so you're assured the highest quality second-hand items available.

Electronics, including working printers, phones, heaters, radios, and a collection of 200 cds ( ). Do you realize my wife has all of Jessica Simpson's CDs? She made me watch Newlyweds with Jessica and Nick all the time when we got married, and yes, we have their shows on DVD for ya, too.

Household items, including tools, kitchen items, artwork, books, etc. We have two brand-new cheese cutters. I think we got three for our wedding. Doesn't anybody look at the registry and if it's already bought? I'm still waiting for the ladder I registered for at Home Depot, but we've got two extra cheese cutters in case we start buying it by the truckload. We've also got a lot of kitchen items with a 'Mediterranean' look because our old house had some wacked-out orange countertops from the 70s, so if you want to have a little fun in the kitchen and feel like you're cooking in the south of France, take the whole lot of it! Oh yeah, I'm also unloading the entire Sweet Valley High series.

If you like mugs, we've got mugs. My wife never drank out of a regular cup when she was a child because all her family owns is mugs. I have no idea why, but they use a kitchen scissors to cut their pizza, so I don't bother to ask. Anyhow, I finally convinced her that two shelves-full of mugs in the kitchen goes even beyond what would be expected if a national guard unit showed up for breakfast, so she gave in.

I grabbed a few partylite and tupperware items, so if you want to pretend we're at one of those parties, that's fine with me. And it's amazing how many trays we still have even after putting some out for the sale. We could show up at parties for years and just leave our trays there if we want. We even have three boxes of wine glass charms. Not only have we never had that many people over drinking wine, but since we don't have an actual set of matching wine glasses, it's pretty easy to tell them apart.

We're looking to simplify now that the kids are growing up and we've started to realize we haven't used certain items in many years or we have multiple versions of the same items.

First ever rummage sale after living here for 15 years! Fine, I've lived here that long, but my wife only brought her stuff here a few years ago.

Things I'd like to sell but would get in big trouble if I did:

      *Huge collection of LM Montgomery books and DVDs

      *Every season of the Golden Girls

      *Barbies from the 60s, 80s, and today, including 'collector' Barbies of the World

     *Our 'good' (made in Japan) china

Things my wife would like me to sell but I refuse:

      *My Bertone X 1/9-- OK, maybe if I get a great offer

      *My collection of baseball cards