The Christmas Tree Learns About Christmas



Brian Jaeger

Based on The Talking Christmas Tree




Immanuel Lutheran Brookfield



BILL THE TREE is standing in a tree lot, waiting to be bought. Cut-outs of other trees might be surrounding Bill, or other people could be dressed up as the other trees. Bill wears a green shirt, maybe felt, with a pointy hat and brown pants, holding a few branches from a fake tree.




I’m finally tall enough [stand tall], big enough [arms out], and [points to head] uh, tall enough to be a Christmas tree! But what is a Christmas tree and why’s being one so special, anyhow? I guess I’ll find out if someone ever buys me. I’m getting cold out here, and Douglas Fir over there isn’t much of a talker.


MA KELLY walks onto the tree lot with her (real or pretend) children. She is a young mom in a relatively good mood, even if her kids are a bit rambunctious right now.



Jonathan, hurry up! You are so not dressed for this cold weather. Abby, stop jumping in the snow; you don’t have your boots on! I need a high-quality, American-grown tree fast so I can get you two home. Oh, here’s a tree [grabbing a tree]; too scrawny. Wait, maybe this one {grabs another tree]. No, this one’s too short. We need a nice, full tree about this height.

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