An attempt at stream of consciousness after having read some Faulkner; not finished


     I just don’t see where their priorities are. When I was that age, I was more mindful of my elders. Can’t come! I’ve been planning this dinner for weeks. Every year. Last year they all came. Most of ‘em, anyhow. They bought me that microwave. Not that the kids had anything to do with it. How much time before the store closes? One hour. I guess I should call Jake to see if any of them are showing up. Long distance...1-what’s the new area code? I can remember when a family lived together. When Henry was still alive. He would know what to do this year. He was always great around the holidays, even if I did do all the work. Oh yeah, I have that speedy-dial. Memory-1. I wonder if he’s even home, with all the work that he...


     ‘Hi, honey, this is gramma.’

      “Hi gramma. Daddy’s not home.”

     ‘Fine, dear. Is mommy home?’

     “Mommy can’t talk now.”

     ‘Why can’t mommy talk?’

     “Mommy’s on top of a man.” 

     What in the world? Is she cheating on my Jake? ‘What is mommy doing on top of a man, Missy?’

     “Mommy says hang up.”

     I just know that hussy’s sleeping around on Jake. And to think, the poor child has to watch! She’ll turn out like one of her cousins, and I hope Julia’s proud of herself when that happens. What can I do? They live two states away. I’ll just have to ask Jake when they get here, if they get here.



     Doorbell! Mommy get it. Stranger. He looks like Mr. Rogers with a hat. A chocolate hat. Mommy, don’t talk to strangers. Oh, oh! I remember mommy told me to put away my toys. Mommy shouldn’t talk to strangers. That man has an owee. Boom on his head. Phone!


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