Scott Walker's Brown Bag College Diploma

The Wisconsin Minutemen, a Tea Party group from Washington County, have bestowed Scott Walker with an honorary college degree from The International College of Metaphysical Theology. John Murphy, representing the Minutemen, presented Walker with the honorary degree in the midst of the public condemnation of Walker's attacks on state employee unions. Said Murphy, "We wanted to once and for all end the rumors and accusations surrounding Scott Walker and his lack of education. He's doing exactly as he's been told, and that's what a good politician or student does."

Walker was nearly in tears as he addressed the crowd at The Original Pancake House in Brookfield. "This is a great day for God, my family, and for me. I am humbled by the gesture bestowed upon me by the Minutemen. While they may be minute in stature, they are certainly big men for giving me something that will help me in my quest to create a more better state. Little people and freaks of all kinds can be conservatives. God bless America!"

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