On the heels of the successful “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” television series, the Fox Network is banking on another teenage superhero drama to help their beleaguered fall lineup. Wonder Woman will be returning to the airwaves this fall with a brand new attitude. In fact, kind of a bad attitude.


“We went with the teenage angst meets superhero perfection concept,” says a senior Fox official. Linda Carter was perfect all of the time, even when she wore those big glasses to hide her true Wonder Woman identity. The new Wonder Woman will not live up to that standard.”

The writing is fairly gritty, and may even offend some original Wonder Woman fans. For example, we learn in the first episode that our new heroine is actually the original Wonder Woman’s daughter (not granddaughter), and she calls her mother “Wonder Womb.” Later on, Kayla (the new Wonder Woman), played by newcomer Kateelynne Lawson, refuses to wear her famous one piece because she’s “on the rag.” She also likes to call her enemies names, referring to one female opponent as “a total bitch.”

The innuendo is at a level that many of the targeted teens may not even understand, and it begs the question, why would they make this TV show? Here’s a student flying around in a giant phallus, wearing next to nothing, and lassoing men twice her age. Wait, I know why they made the show now.

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