Parody of Journey's Separate Ways. It's educational, and I'm hoping to get some friends together and shoot the video version.


Separate Words (Words Apart)


Here they stand

Words apart, they’re broken in two, two, two

A lot at night

Are we all ready?

Is it all right with you, you, you?


A long time, I’ve been gone

As a part of your mind

For each other done

To survive every day is our way


Every one of them will find you

With in depth looks behind you

In fact, I will remind you

In order to say our separate words

In spite of this hurting you

I want to get in touch with you

No one but me still loves you

For some time we touched

And then said our separate words






Already my heart

Is going along with the pain, pain, pain

Falling apart

Everybody knows our love’s in vain, vain, vain


My everyday wish is for your love

Everyone wants to not walk alone

Intact is my love

I’m into you my love


I hope love itself will find you

Myself or nobody will bind you

Nowadays, I’d like to remind you

Nevertheless, we touch

Somehow with our separate words

If he sometimes hurts you

Throughout I won’t desert you

Whenever, wherever I love you

Whereas we withheld

Without our separate words