An equalizer

for the rowdy boys--

barely able to stand on skates

though they'll be

ice rink bullies

if they ever learn.

My kid will just be

good enough

and the girls will like him

but not love him

(like his old man).

He won't be the one

free skating

in hockey gloves

and tattoos

or the 250 pound

bearded maniac

at ramming speed.

He won't be in the

Eastern European

contingent with what will

be heard by naive

Wisconsin girls as cute accents.

He won't be the token

minority in bright clothing

calling attention to his color

or the mustached old man

mostly skating backwards

while twirling and creeping

out dads on the side.

Just normal.

And someday, he'll be

unseen by all

sitting on the bench

watching his kid

skate adequately,

maybe wishing for more.