I long for you in every sense of the phrase,

To be lost in your eyes like lost in a maze.

I peer your way in slight hopes that you will

Look back just once; my heart remaineth still.

But I shall not expect such a deed

That may open my heart to what I do need,


A woman who loves as much as do I,

Just me, and others she will love nigh.

Dreaming of you keeps my mind not at rest,

Of your beautiful face, of your soft curved breast.

In these dreams I may speak unto thee,

And in return you answer to me,

That you feel the same as surely I do,

That you love me as much as do I you.

But dreams do not make a life truly whole,

And still missing from me is the heart you stole.

I love you more than ever you’ll know,

But with words I am horribly slow.

So the catch of my life I allow to flee;

Never again will I you see.