I was minding my own when the princess simply said,

"You may help me tie this satin bow red.

Your finger goes here, I'll need but one.

I'll let you know when your work here is done."

So after some while

I called with a smile,

-So Princess is my job done yet?

"No, that did not work; let's use those two,

And I'll try a satin bow blue.

Now my new job was set.

So after a bit

I said with some wit,

-Is that all I can do for you, miss?

"No, no dear boy, better things I've seen,

Just try these three with my satin bow green,

And I guarantee total bliss."

Now after some time

I yelled without rhyme,

-What in the world must I do?

"This is not a good time to crack.

Just use these four with my satin bow black.

I feel it's much better than red, green, or blue."

While catching her breath, she said I could go,

But still I wonder, no surprise,

About how I could tie each satin bow

With my hand in between her thighs!