Life thus far, fair warning to you

Apologies do not I make, tis true

Unless deep down I reach in myself

While drinking some whiskey from under the shelf.

A mistake by I in drunk manner was made

But released I feel I must be

You've punished me, and, oh, how I've paid

Except when I drink so merrily.

All through the day and most of the night

My thoughts drift off in search of a light

To lead me out and show me the way

Hark, a Miller Lite, I've been searching all day.

Just as the sun falters not in the sky

The flower blossoms shall bloom

But when they die, you should not cry

Just invite me up to your room!

Men search in the valleys and mountains above

Though they rarely ever find true love

When these men find what it is they've sought

The sex is never as good as they thought!

Now I return to what is at hand

I feel that I must say

Whether I lay or whether I stand

Let's just screw all day!