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Facebook for older folks 
should have a check box 
for “disappointed” or  
at least “dreams deferred.” 

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Friend Request


Facebook for older folks

should have a check box

for “disappointed” or

at least “dreams deferred.”

I’m thirty something

so I try to idealize youth

as much as any other man

(who’s still not used to

being called a man)

headed for a crisis or crash.

But how can I remember you fondly

when I see you now?

With child, without hair

but certainly almost always

with pounds and pounds to spare.

The guys, double-standardized,

I can handle--I never thought of them

while alone, anyhow.

If I imagine you enough,

you become and remain

that face and body,

until a facebook friend request

roughs you up.

I wanted more of you back then,

just not double in size.

I know what babies and depression

and genetics and cheesecake can do

to what I fell for in high school,

but why didn’t they creep into some other

or someone else’s high school fantasy?

We can never go back now.


trying to accidentally touch legs in French class,

pretending to not like you when we bowled,

taking you for a ride in Dad’s convertible.

No, I’m not perfect.

Yes, it’s wrong of me.

Besides, my own wife’s hot,

so why should it bother me?

Maybe it makes me ask if I’m still me,

years, wrinkles, and grays later.

One continuous me,

adding weight and kids and memories