for your beauty no match does exist

if god himself had one you’d top the list

how many nights do i fall asleep

while into my head thoughts of you creep

of when i may again see your beautiful face

your best trait- to be found in no other place

to look into your eyes and go so deep

and see your soul with the love you do keep

a love that may not exist here, but there

for here love is wasted and we do not care

but i can see more than just your soul

expressions alone tell me your life is whole

and missing only nothing or that which i am

still nothing can you to the ground slam

and it can also be much more than you think

for with it you may soar and without it sink

but wrong could i think and tragic that be

then life would mean less than dust to me

how can i know that your soul tells the truth

i see what i feel but i am no sleuth

for life is a mystery still in my eyes

and in yours may there dwell a disguise