All I have here to remind me of you

Is this one strand of hair with a perfect gold hue.

Though its weight in gold would be worth not a bit,

Worth its weight in love, that gold piece has no limit.

No price can be set on your beauty divine

And no way may I afford for you to be mine.

I imagine your presence being offered to me,

But I know in my heart that you are not free.

All that I offer is all I possess,

But that's not enough for an appropriate dress

Made from my soul and sewn with my love.

What I may use is only what I'm made of.


On the fourteen-hundred and ninety-second page

A tempest of love from one strand may soon rage.

But the calm I feel is eternal, with no end,

Yet a rush of golden rain my way should God send.

The fury of my love for you cannot be restrained,

But worry I still do - too much ventured, nothing gained.

I hope your calm blue eyes will someday betray

And cause you to forget to keep my ship at bay.

Just let your feelings flow like a tidal wave,

To keep on growing violent for the love you crave.

Waves of love move up and down on the sea of life;

Hurricanes rage as I hold on to my would-be wife.