Not all loves must secret be
 But secret is my love for thee.

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Not all loves must secret be

But secret is my love for thee.

I met you late in my years,

But our closeness brings me tears.

Every emerald eye I envision

Is like a piercing knife's incision

Into my heart such pain is felt.

Lonely king, my queen's been dealt.

All that I did write seems to reach to you.

All those I loved dear I see in your face.

The first time our eyes met was the first time that we knew

The gift of love was given us by God's good grace.

Never were we near, the future looks the same.

Never will the sun set and me not look your way.

I'll lie here at night and dream of your dear name.

I will have no fear always knowing what to say.  

Perfection does let you down

The word is much too quaint.

Wear you a sinner's crown,

You'll always be my saint.

Love knew me not until this

At least not quite so well.

Now my love I will thee miss,

Apart will we ever dwell.

Hold we each other through the mail

Until you wear the sacred veil.

A forest has not paper enough

For me to send thee all my love.

Many nights I dream of your eyes

To tell them our love never dies.

And though I wish you would grow fonder,

An absent heart will always wander.