From Brian to Lisa, with love!


I’d always heard for every heart

There beats another

A matter of time

Until someday you find each other

Lisa, each night

When I looked to the skies

I wondered out of all the millions

Will the real one pass me by


But now I believe in all the joy

And all the laughter

I see your hazel eyes

And I know we’ll endure

the morning after


Every dream that I dream

can come true

‘Cause out of all the millions

Dear, I found you


This is our sixth Valentine’s Day

Oh Lisa

And I don’t wanna miss

This chance to say

Nobody ever touched me this way

And I love you. Yes I do

on Valentine’s Day


They say everything

Has got its rhyme

Has got its reason

They say everyone

Has got their time

Their place and season

Finally my day has come

I found my home

Here in Wisconsin

In the circle of your arms