Void existed not at all

From well before the fabled fall

But to this point we must direct

And all the truths we do dissect

For the facts we find are filled with fear

That the truth be found only here

So in the end, God was there

And so began the beginning pair

The heavens formed on mere thought

And ever since we have sought

The one whose mind made up our own

With all things known; all unknown.

The force which controls the dawn

And each grass blade in the lawn

Of the garden that began to sprout

Quietly; no voice to shout.

Were they days or years that fell?

No one had a watch to tell.

The sky blue, yellow, maybe red?

No one was there to have said.

Yet had we been there in the youth,

Would all recounted still be truth?

From whence we came, to find, we must,

Be it apes, a whale, or dust,

Changing molecules in a stream,

Or a figment in someone’s dream.

On one fact we most agree;

We’ve not been here eternally.

Then one blind day we became

To try to take the world and tame.

Scratch and claw up to the top,

Or was that where we did drop?

No matter now, ’tis where we are;

Born into the rank without a scar.

Now don’t forget the garden gay;

With little choice there did we stay

Until we ran quite out of space,

Slowly changing in the great race.

Planted where plants did not exist,

And caused those that did to be missed.

We ate the food that green grew,

And also that which we now slew.

Stories came forth before we could write

About how we would eat, live, and fight.

One story that did not get told;

How speech began for those of old.

We once made a grinding sound;

(To speak without words would now astound.)

But we did that for quite a few years,

Speaking sadness with only tears.

One fine day, the power above

Gave us voices to express love,

Or hate, or even indifference.

Words, we no longer need make inference.

So the saw-like sound we used to make,

We make no more while we’re awake.

Just use the old voice in our sleep

Where of our past thoughts must creep.

When speech came, we’d been here a while;

Not one garden; not one style.

And so came the time in early spring

When all the creatures start to sing.

But due to our own mental health,

The call we made was quite stealth.

Open our mouths nice and round;

Make a lazy moaning sound.

And if inside the other burns,

A mirror image then returns.

So off they go quite by themselves;

Then into her he surely delves.

Afterwards she’s held in his arms

To protect the mother from all harms.

Now does it sound so outrageous

That a mating call could be contagious?

Saying that we have the fire,

And then are ready to retire.

So when you yawn, take a glance

To see with whom you may have a chance.

A rival – their sex the same

Must also yawn to play the game.

And if a battle must emerge,

Forward many hormones surge.

An angry glare may do the trick

To make one rival fake their sick..

Now men would beat their chests so hard

And warn the other to be on guard.

A fist is formed to flail away

At all the matter that is gray;

To beat some sense into his foe

In hopes the rival may well go.

But to fight back he surely must,

And so make the competition just.

Soon the victor claims his maid

And on his bed she is laid.

Nine more months must mother wait,

Lest cometh early or a bit late.

Now did we ever live in the trees

Or in the shallows of the seas?

Of the answer few are sure,

Still on the ground we do endure.

Shelter, the trees, barely gave,

So some slipped into a cave;

Others still could not fit in

So they used some furry skin.

Monsters, teeth sharp and white

Could still attack us all at night.

So hide, time, and effort spent,

We created the first tent.

Protection now from mother of all

And every beast, big or small……