I wanna thank God

then men in our military

then my chunky wife

and clone kids

and the rest of the fam

and then the craziest leftenant gov

and her fat-ass hubby

who doesn’t know

or maybe he does.

And thank the voters

and even those who didn’t

because we’ve got a lot

more work to do

to be for something

and not against something

point and click

that’s right

hell yeah, Scott Walker

I believe in the dignity that comes

from work, too,

but my job is gone.

But in America,

I can do and be

anything I want

that’s right.

I’m glad he wants me

to end my dependence

on government,

though I did lose my job

because of his policies.

Later, I’d smoke my last cigar

assuming I’d never teach again

and I saw an upside-down W

in the night sky

meaning something.

I bought three cigars

when Helena was born,

two to share with friends.

Two years and no friends later

I smoked one when James arrived

and one last time

at the end of my college degree’s

useful shelf life