I dare say you are Polish from that look on your face.

Wasn't that Blitzkrieg a national disgrace?

Hey there Mister Jew, your nose so large,

I best make sure you don't overcharge!

All those Italians always talkin such trash,

And that girl over there, what a moustache!

Yo there Frenchie, have you showered in weeks?

Cologne may cover, but your body still reeks!

I know he is German, drinking so much beer,

And for that freakin' Jew, not one single tear!

Methinks he is English, you know what that would mean,

Crumpets, an accent, and tea with the Queen!


But they were all born in the U.S. of A.,

Where Pollocks not stupid and Saxons not gay!

Where even the frogs may bathe all the time,

And Jews won't take your last gull darn dime!

The Italians can shave and learn manners and all,

And the Germans all cheer when they see Hitler fall!

I might even see a black Russian someday,

But only right here in the U.S. of A!