America is a teenager,

ready to jump the bones

of any hot, young

nation under God, we

promote whatever we want, which

ain't as bad as it seems,

and nothing can happen

the first time.


America is a young girl

with great, big

eyes, looking mostly forward.

Grab yourself a handful of

America. She likes it rough,

like the fight for freedom.

Pay her like a whore, or

ignore her as a crush--

she'll be there.


America is a young man, thrusting

his power forth. No time for thought,

only action that results from needing

more and more.

Giving and giving good.

Sometimes rushing and coming

to the wrong decision. But he has

to do it, and the world wants it,

no matter what she says.


America is a little kid,

too big for her playpen.

Destroying what she doesn't understand.

Not understanding what she destroys.

Needing guidance and getting yelled at.


America is a bum,

homesick for heritage and heroes,

owning none. Looking for his place

in the world and seeing that it's