drupal brian jaeger

I’m that guy who showed up

at the meet up

without a smart phone

or a laptop

but a flip phone

and a tablet.

Unable to write code

or change the node

of the Drupal site

I added last night,

but the food was as advertised,

not introverted

like the meet up members.

White males who muted

the presenter on Hangouts

just before the only black guy

joined, at which point

the presenter went to full screen

and we said we could only

see blackness.

A humorous juxtaposition.

Then the slides would not advance,

twig, yaml, bower, and something else

I’d never heard before,

like process and pre-process,

and I’m lost (in the process),

but one guy uses gulp

for the cool factor

instead of batch

but I know neither.

So I’ve been here

over two hours

and can’t wait

for someone else