Brian Jaeger Indiana Hwy 26It’s all crashing in and out

mostly in

and then nothing…

No rest for the weary

No test for the weak

I feel myself falling

Faster asleep

Slow me down; slow me down.

I’m a wind turbine

on a windless day

waiting for my debt to pay

sunlit days and drizzly nights

don’t help me.

Dilapidated vehicles sitting

all over the yard

nearly an art form

even if it was mostly

a snap decision

to get out of the VW

and never get back in,

parked like the wind today

as cars fly by

on the way to Kokomo

(or similar, I suppose--

most of the Midwest).

But we’re stuck on Hwy 26,

implying at least 25 other

levels of hell with no shoulders

to save us from telephone pole

crucifixion, if that’s what would happen

at 80 and icy.