Frame Park waiting

for Fourth parade

but parades don’t matter

only the kids

leading the way.

I wait at the end

to pick them up

with a circle of grass

bocce, perhaps

but no rules listed --

someday, no one will know

and painted rectangles

never tell.


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Another overweight

ten year-old girl

waddles past

with her family,

while the blue in the sky

reminds me it’s not all

hopeless. Yes,

the same blue surrounds

countries without

Independence Day or

high fructose corn syrup.


A squadron of tiny

birds flies by,

jumping  the gun.

Then a 767 bound

for MKE with unfinished

business from SEA,

still a bit before

let’s roll time,

reminding me of the 9/11

conspiracy film I found

last night, almost sacrilege

on the eve of the Fourth.

Then again, I wonder

what we’ve gained over

being under the country

we admire, who outlawed

slavery years before us,

yet reigned over colonies

and Canada

beyond reasonable shelf dates.


So we’re free, anyway

to play bocce, eat burgers,

fly Boeings, and bury liberty.

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