One in a million or more

is your chance to be reading this

right now. Likely way more, but at least

there’s a chance, unlike every little letter

ever written between every relative that

ever existed in my family tree until last

century. And those will be lost soon, too,

like two-thirds of what Aristophanes

wrote a few hundred years before

Jesus. And He was only about 100

generations ago. You and I

with common relatives alive

along with Christ and

50 million others, who

together wrote a total of four

chapters about the most important

human in history. More, perhaps,

but four are what we read,

like these lines

in this poem

in this collection

by this author

who is nobody.

So what else never made it?

What have you not written

or not read?

And what if,

two thousand years from now

only Iggy Azalea’s poetry

has survived?