I hate you mutha-fucka, wanna know why?

'Cause you can't look me straight in the eye;

'Cause you brought me here against my will;

'Cause you sold me then and you sell me still.

Workin' hard at McDonald's or KFC;

Just tell me if you think that I'm really free.

I hate you!


I'm gonna tell you that I hate you back,

Not 'cause you're different, not 'cause you're black;

Not 'cause I lock my car in your hood;

Not 'cause at sports you're so good;

Not 'cause the law gave you my job;

Not 'cause my place you decided to rob!

I hate you!


I'm livin' on top of my brothers and sisters;

I'd rather have me forty acres and blisters;

I'd rather I had some room to roam;

I'd rather my ass was still back at home;

I'd rather my last name wasn't Irish and shit.

Takes a whole country to raise a child as a racist.

I hate you!


Hey, homes, wuzup with all that hate?

Don't you know that the Man's been just great?

Green cards so we can have a career

Of pickin' his trees, kissin' his rear.

Yo vato, I don't want to hear that noise

'Cause the Man, he's just one of the boyz!

I hate you!


But es-ay, I've always treated you fair

And in return I get an angry stare.

You don't even try to learn my words,

And my jobs you try to grab in herds.

Don't give me shit 'bout workin' for me,

This land's been mine for longer, you see!

I hate you!



You've only been here a few hundred years;

For me it's been a long trail of tears.

You've taken from me all my land;

Your first step was my last stand.

Could be worse, I could've died,

But you took my soul, you took my pride!

I hate you!


Oh, give me a break, how can you lose?

Bingo, casinos, and plenty of booze.

I gave you back much more than I took;

You signed the paper, don't call me a crook!

Walk you a mile in my boots,

You'll see that evil has plenty of roots.

I hate you!