Brian Jaeger


FED 690






What are we really allowed to do as teachers? Taken further, who are we allowed to be? I don’t necessarily feel the need to talk about my own sexuality, but I would be frightened by a law or attitudes that could cause my own views to cost me my job. I’m straight, but I rarely mention it in class. I even have a girlfriend, which I also fail to mention in most of my classes, if ever. I’m not saying that Rofes should have hidden his life from the school or from the children, but I am saying that I enjoy my own privacy to the extent that it is appropriate, and if some people in my classes have assumed I was gay (it’s happened) or Puerto Rican (it’s happened), I really don’t mind. False stereotypes can be fun and educational to deal with as we learn about each other. If I am asked, I tell the truth. Of course, I don’t have to hide very much, at least as far as societal expectations are concerned. Or do I….?

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