Practicum Paper



My teacher assisting experience took place at Eau Claire Memorial High School. I worked with a class of ninth grade students in Language Arts. The class was called “enriched” English 9,” and the students were tracked accordingly. None of them seemed to have any disabilities, and when I asked the cooperating teacher, he confirmed this. The students were not exactly motivated, but they were responsible and well behaved. The class did have some diversity, and there was one student of Asian descent, two black kids, one of Arabic lineage, and several kids with divorces or deaths. They were all, however, reading “at or above grade level,” and I was able to plan the lessons accordingly. We read the text “Kilimanjaro” by James Ramsey Ullman, and it is located in the freshman literature anthology. The text was appropriate because we were discussing autobiography as well as perspective, and the story is written as an autobiography from a distant perspective (wealthy white male in his forties during the fifties). I had not thought of it, but apparently the reading was also quite boring. The action is a bit slow, but word choice and description is quite good. Oh well, I guess it was boring. I also used an informational article about the mountain, which was at a pre-ninth grade level. 

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