Dear Family and Friends,


No fair!“No fair!” That’s one of kids’ (especially Helena’s) favorite responses to either situations that cannot be helped or our rules. Whenever Helena says that, I’m reminded of one of the worst teachers I ever had as a student. He didn’t actually teach me anything beyond this: “There’s no such thing as fair, life isn’t fair, and fairs are in August.” Then again, maybe the worst teacher I ever had was the most prophetic, even if he was just using it as a technique to shut students’ mouths. I laughed when he said it because I was a top student, and I knew that hard work and dedication, along with a bit of creativity, would benefit me so that I’d never have to cry foul or question fate. While 2014 has tested my belief in a middle class version of the American Dream, I still believe that all is for the best in this best of all possible worlds.

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