Dear                                         , 

Seasons Greetings, Happy Christmas, Merry Kwanzaa, and Joyous Hanukah from our family to yours. We hope that your past year was as productive as ours. Gramma’s new hip is fine. Unfortunately, we couldn’t spring the extra grand for the epoxy resin, but the doctor assured us that the recycled plastic would work just as well.

Trista was promoted to daytime maintenance at Walmart this year, and we sure are thankful for the extra $.45 per hour! We got a new puppy from the humane society this past April, and we named him Billy Ray after our favorite artist. Every time we look at him, he melts our achy-breaky hearts. Since Billy Ray is a mixed-breed lab/ spaniel/ dane/ shepherd, I have decided to take up hunting, and we’ve been working on fine-tuning his skills. Sadly, he’s still scared of my pellet gun, and he barks at my crossbow. Trista says he’s too big for the trailer, so I had to build him a kennel out back by the sandbox. Too bad we still seem to have room for her three cats. 

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