Dear Family and Friends,



Last week, the new neighbors moved in up the street, having purchased a house that had been for sale for nearly a year. Helena, James, and I took a walk past the place to see if we could catch a glimpse of something new, and maybe better. We didn't see anyone, but I did comment on the fact that their gold Toyota Corolla with dual-purpose bungee cord holding the trunk down and bumper on was parked next to the birch tree on their front lawn. Helena is five now, and she can analyze situations like this, so she said, “Maybe the new neighbors are from a different country and it's OK to park in their front yard there and nobody told them yet that we don't do that in Milwaukee.” Now I know, or at least I think I know, that the neighbor just parked his car in his front lawn because he needed to get a truck into the driveway to move in, and the vehicle will not be stored in front of his picture window indefinitely. We all make mistakes, or at least decisions our neighbors call mistakes. Sometimes others voice their opinions, while other times we realize what we've done all on our own, but it's really the moving forward after those blunders that helps to define us. However, we all hope to make the right decisions most of the time, and those decisions also make us who we are.

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