This is a letter of recommendation written as a script because the student was looking to attend film school. Think about what your student's future goals are before writing the letter, and you might be able to have a little more fun with the writing.


To Whom it May Concern:





Mr. Jaeger is considering what to say about his former student Q Hester in a letter of recommendation. Q was Mr. Jaeger’s student as a sophomore, and though the teacher sometimes suffers from short-term memory loss, he remembers Q for the work he completed. Q comes in to meet with his teacher, who is dressed in office casual, though he’d prefer jeans.



Hey, how’s it going Q? I was just trying to finish your letter here. You gave that persuasive speech about why we should appreciate the importance of the film industry, right? Very unique and quite passionate, as I recall.



Don’t forget that I demonstrated proper golf etiquette for the class in the other speech.

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