If you are in search of a rental home near The Medical College of Wisconsin or Milwaukee Regional Medical Center beginning summer of 2021, please check out the description in the linked article. I am the person who rents that house, so you'll want to use the contact info on satisfamily to contact me directly. 

If you just want a guide to where you might want to rent or buy in the area near MCW or MRMC, then read the linked article that gives my opinion on great locations nearby. 

My family and I currently live in Florida, but we keep the Milwaukee house mainly because we may decide to return, since we love a lot about the neighborhood we left. You will, too, if you give decide to move close to work rather than settle for an oversized suburban house just because that's what you're supposed to do. The Cannon Park / Ravenswood / Zoo Interchange area of Milwaukee offers the best mix of low crime, walkability, easy access to transportation, and central location in the entire Milwaukee Metro area. And the house is pretty nice. 

Don't wait on this one. I generally get offers in late January from fellows, but there's always a chance the house will slip by those with fellowships or even residencies. 

Now is not the time to buy in Milwaukee, as prices are off the charts, and there's no guaranty you'll see a return on your investment after one year or even three years. With this house, you can have 1/4 acre of land along with a real house, unlike those swanky apartments going up all around the area. But hey, if you'd rather live 15 feet from your neighbor and greet several coughing co-renters in the hallway each day, that's cool, too. 

Let me know.