I've spent a little over a year in Jacksonville, and I've become the most active writer/blogger in the area. I am able to write about Jax with a perspective that is both unique and fresh, while I always try to engage the reader. As I told one reader who commented about the writing style, my voice is always what I have going for me. I hope the good people of Jacksonville see me as a guy they'd like to hang out with in a bar rather than the guy they'd like to scam out of his money. And I'd like to see them the same way. Here's a list of ALL of my highlights, some with context for you. If you enjoy anything on McNewsy, you'll also like New Jax Witty.


My very first article outlines the goals of New Jax Witty.

Fake news like lists of best and worst. Here's one about driving.

Just in case you're in Jax and need a web designer.

Does Jacksonville have terrible drinking water?

Playing in the grass in Jax.

Ga-Ga Ball, a Jacksonville tradition.

More web design stuff.

Do you like giant pickup trucks? Who doesn't!

The most comprehensive list of super heroes from Florida.

Florida's seedy internet cafes.

Flood risk in Jax.

Our first hurricane!

No gas stations here!

A review of the GIS maps in Jacksonville.

Stop park bullying.

Jacksonville Panthers.

Florida's panhandle explained.

Burglary crime in Jax.

Stopping to help someone in Jacksonville.

The many names of McCormick Road. You're going to need a bigger map.

David Boynton Memorial Parkway in Jacksonville discusses. Retirees, commence work.

An argument for a Menards in the River City

If You Don't Like Players Kneeling

Ice Hockey

Sandalwood Teacher Web Pages

History of Fort Caroline

Rare Books

Dishwasher Disconnect

106.5 Jacksonville's Alternative to Alternative

Brooklyn Cyclones Fitted Cap

Mosquito County, Florida

Amazing Grace Crop Maze Review

Action News JAX Busy Mom Ad

Fog Lights

Is It Legal To Shoot My BB Gun In My Back Yard?

What Are People From Jacksonville Called?

Cell Towers That Look Like Giant Trees

Local Haunts

The Price is Wrong

Jax Car Ads

Car Burglars

Can We Build Our Way Out Of Traffic Congestion?

ABC Fine Wine and Spirits

Jiffy Lube Atlantic Beach

House Tax Exemptions

Get Rid of Your Pit Bulls


Better Tomorrows?

Jacksonville Wins Library of the Year

Brian Jaeger Named Jacksonville, Florida, Poet Laureate

Flag Etiquette

Driving We Should Expect From JSO


The reasons why we didn't go to the county fair

Dating for NAZIs and other niche groups

New FCC rules might affect JAX TV

Some people keep giant birds as pets in Jacksonville

A discussion of the implementation of emissions testing in JAX

Semi-professional newscasters on the local news

Why we listen to vocal minorities

FEMA really does visit your house after a hurricane

Meetup group for actors and actresses

Use your turn signals, people in Jacksonville

Having the mind of a teen as an adult

No alleys in JAX

News websites and ads

When are we getting a Culver's in Jacksonville?

License plate lights as a way for cops to pull you over

More people love pit bulls in Jacksonville than any other dog breed, or cats, or kids

The Villages is Rome of Central Florida

When to sue your kids' school

The sad state of public education substitute teaching

Artesians and shipbuilding

Amazon Locker. Lock her up!

Public baseball fields falling apart

Luminaries in Florida. An old tradition here for no real reason.

Blow up slides can be painful

When you've got helicopters flying overhead and don't know what's happening.

Take 'Em Down Jacksonville didn't have all these ideas in mind, but I did.

Super Tire in Jacksonville reviewed. Don't buy your tires here until you read the article.

The Florida National Guard claims to have a long and turbulent history.

Maybe you're looking for a Woman Veteran license plate. Florida has you covered.

If you can't reach a website because it's not secure, that's usually not really the case.

Jury duty can be a lot of fun, but I would not know.

A local Jacksonville blog with 1000 pageviews per month!

Review of Xtreme Wings on Kernan and Atlantic.

An explanation of why escaping the violence isn't what most people say they are doing when they move to Florida.

If the Jaguars move to London, would they become the Leopards?

The First World Problem of a million dollar vacation house with vandalism.

Memorials where people are killed are a big deal in Jacksonville, but who would really want one on their property?

Nude gardening in Florida. I'm sure it will catch on everywhere else eventually.

Want to hang out at the pool with me?

EBT and Amazon Prime. I guess it's a good combination.

630City proves it works, even if the website kind of failed.

Do you really want to be treated like family at a business in Jacksonville? Have you seen how families behave to one another here?

Getting Jag'd up doesn't sound all that great.

Blackfinn Ameripub is a legit Packer bar.

Some things to do in JAX if you're fleeing a hurricane from elsewhere.

How I write my content about Jacksonville so that it's always somewhat relevant.

Bax to the Max Troutman in searches on my website.

British sailors look more like a British Invasion boy band than scurvy felons.

If you have a Chromebook, this article might help you keep it longer.

Do you think the FBI monitors bloggers? My in-laws do, so that makes me a target.

I enjoyed having the ability to rent video games from the library back in Kansas, but I'm not in Kansas anymore.

We're Number One! We're Number One! But what does that mean when you get free money from a contest?

Lawyers aren't always as smart as they seem on TV commercials. Here's an example of a misplaced analogy.

The state police went and stole someone's stash at Kernan and McCormick.

Bayley Judah should pay off his debts.

A guide to making sure your gun is ready to fire when you need it.

If you run over a goose and no one is there to see it, does it really matter?

Strengthening the death penalty. Is that possible or desirable?

Sometimes you have a good day on the baseball field. This was one.

How can my solar score in Milwaukee be higher than the one in Jacksonville?

Video game crime in JAX. A shooting that suddenly made the news take notice.

Making money from fear. It's the American way.

I guess there are some people who want to be in schools with guns who maybe should not be in schools with guns but apply for jobs being there, anyhow.

Melissa Howard is a true Floridian and classy gal.

Think for a moment about the best thing you have ever done. It's not who you voted for in a primary election.



OK, that's about half so far. I wanted to catch my breath. There's a lot of content on the website, but since it's a blog, I have a hard time getting it into categories that make the articles easy to find, so I'm hoping that posting to another website might help to some extent.