Florida has made the decision to allow students to transfer out of public schools if they are bullied. More than likely, this is a start to something much bigger in the state. It's a way to sidestep some of the traditional arguments against school choice and vouchers. While it seems the better solution is to transfer all the bullies in a school district into one school meant to fix them, I understand the desire for parents to make the best decisions for their kids.

The next step will be to provide vouchers for other groups, like those who make less money (like the first school choice program in Wisconsin). Then it might be for those who live closer to a private school than a public school or for parents who want religion to be a part of the education their kids get. Or other philosophies, like Montessori or Waldorf.

If you live in Florida, take a look at ALL the options available for your kids. Not all the schools here are all that great, but private schools are expensive in the state, so it's not an easy decision unless the state helps out in some way.