Lincoln finally stepped up, after over two years of waiting for it. But my airbag won't exactly get replaced right away. What Lincoln did was send out a letter explaining that parts are still coming in, maybe this quarter, maybe not. And I get to drive in a Chevy Malibu or similar for as long as it takes. $45 a day for a rental of a car without the niceties of my Lincoln. But at least we should not have to worry about getting blasted in the face with an explosive airbag.

Here's the letter offering us the rental car and assuring us there will be a new airbag someday. I am hoping all Lincoln MKZ drivers are getting this. Not just me because I wrote a couple of articles about the airbag recalls. The good news for Lincoln is that I refrained from buying a GM vehicle this year because the company would not assure me it no longer uses Takata airbags, so my next car could once again be a Ford. I hope I get a nice rental that helps me decide.

lincoln mkz recall rental


It's interesting to note that when I was looking for information about purchasing a car, I had all kinds of people calling, emailing, and texting me the same evening and the next morning. When it's a situation where I have a letter giving me a free rental to avoid dying in an airbag disaster, I get no contact in return. Great job, car dealerships!