This is the last effort to help those who are looking at moving into Magnolia Grove, and new subdivision that's been thrown together just before a gas station goes in on Kernan and McCormick. I had a few last thoughts as people begin purchasing these homes. I'm wondering if the developer even wants to sell these homes. None of my concerns have been addressed, and it looks like the KB Home marketing army is just going to flood the internet with articles that make the new subdivision seem pristine enough to those who don't dig a little deeper. But what if people read more about Magnolia Grove? What if all the homes don't sell? What if the original owners are disappointed almost immediately? 

Any of these scenarios, I believe, will lead to KB Home and other real estate folks making even more money. You see, subdivisions in this area, conveniently located down the road from Mayport, are perfect for renting. What seems like a breath of fresh air -- a new subdivision without an HOA -- might really hurt you in the long run. If all the lots don't sell or if an investor decides to rent all the homes across the street, is that allowed? Or if all your neighbors realize the noise of McCormick or the new gas station detract from the living conditions, will they instead rent out their new homes, or sell quickly and cheaply to those who would do the same? 

I generally don't have a problem with renters or landlords. I am a landlord myself, and my renter has been fairly good to me. But she also didn't keep the yard looking tidy, so I got an email from a former neighbor complaining. If Magnolia Grove becomes a rental home community, you may not stay as long as you're currently imagining. In my own subdivision, it seems that certain blocks have become more rentals than resident-owned. The more expensive homes a block over are still mostly owned by those who live in them, and those are the people who seem to be more involved in the neighborhood. 

I am not sure as to the rules about rental properties in Magnolia Grove. But I certainly would find out if I was going to invest over there. Honestly, I should have found out more before I moved in here.