Governor Brownback had quite a setback when his veto of the most recent tax plan was overridden. By his own party, no less. That's embarrassing, I suppose, but it happened mostly because of education. Unlike my home state of Wisconsin, folks in Kansas decided enough was enough when it came to de-funding Kansas schools. However, Brownback had made some proposals for education that might have saved some money, so he was trying. The problem was that his ideas fell on deaf ears, since every time his proposals have saved money, they were in the form of cuts to education. Sure, fewer superintendents might work in order to consolidate some school districts, but people don't want to keep cutting in order to just get by.

What if school districts in Kansas could save money by buying new items? That's what is about to happen in Derby, Kansas. IPads cost over $200,000 a year to fix. Chromebooks will cost less than a new batch of IPads to start, and then the yearly replacement costs will be less. These numbers are even more in Derby's favor if the school district adds Cranium Chromebook Covers.

The point is that Kansas schools do not owe an allegiance to Apple. Nobody does. All IPads are made in Taiwan, so you can't argue it's an American company, really. Craniums, made for Chromebooks, are American. The Chromebooks themselves are cheap, and none of them are made in America, either, so any device we use will be made overseas, so it probably makes sense to choose the cheapest

I know, some of you are thinking it's just best to avoid all computers for students, especially if kids keep breaking them. Well, pull out your flip phone and call your state representative if that's how you feel. The fact is that if schools are going to bother to operate, they surely need to have devices for the kids, and it usually is way too hard to regulate with BYOD. Over time, Chromebooks will save Kansas school districts millions of dollars. I own a $150 Chromebook that does everything my $1000 desktop can do, most of time, and I build websites for a living. You don't have to be liberal or conservative to see that Chromebooks with Craniums will help balance the school budgets in Kansas.

Fine, switching to Chromebooks will not save Kansas from raising taxes or cutting funding. It won't get the roads built or make everyone happy, but if each school district and government agency uses some common sense in making tech purchases, it can certainly help the bottom line.