This website isn't too bad. It's not my newest design, mostly because those take time, and I'd rather spend my time writing on Mcnewsy than designing it. I have realized, however, that people like various online cost calculators. While I don't have a plugin that will calculate all the costs, I figured I could do a simple breakdown of costs that you might incur if you were to hire me (or build it yourself). Let's take a look. 

Domain name

$12 - $20 a year

Some website builders will charge closer to $30. Not a big deal, as they handle it for you. I charge $15 because I use Google Domains and get them for $12. That's a $3 upcharge for my time. The added bonus is that Google allows registration to be anonymous for free, so that's $20 a year you'll save if you're currently with someone else. 

Web Hosting

$5 - $20 a month / $60 - $240 a year

I use Siteground. It's a little more than the basic $5 a month hosting, but it's worth the higher cost. One of the best hosts. But your website might be fine on another host. You should get your own domain, though, rather than just getting it as a Blogger or Wordpress subdomain. I charge $10 a month. That's cheap compared to a lot of "full-service" hosts out there. They can charge $50 a month for the same "service." 

Web Design

Free to $1,000 (every five years)

I don't build free websites, but you can get some templates for free. If it's worth your time to let a pro handle some of it, then pay someone. If you want to pay $5,000, someone out there will charge that much. Even $10,000. Those websites will be very similar to what I do for $1,000. Really. In fact, a basic, good, usable, mobile-friendly website will cost you $500 with me. But you can pay a lot more or try it yourself. 

Also, be ready to pay again after a few years. Maybe every five years, which is why I would not recommend a $10,000 website unless you're a million-dollar company. Even then, I can do it better. 



This is the best thing you can do. Write something each week. The other elements are not as important, as long as you have a domain name and a mobile-friendly website. Write content and be content with your website. 

Total (five years)

Free to $1,600 to $15,000

With me, it's about $1600 total for five years. You could also pay $10,000 for a website and up to $50 a month hosting (and I've seen churches and businesses do both). Let's just say you probably have better ways to spend that money. If not, I can also accept that same amount for websites I build. Some of you ARE better off building websites free. Most of you at least need the domain name and hosting, so even bare-bones websites should cost you $500 to build and maintain.