I an effort to help school districts in need of guidance this holiday season, McNewsy is providing a Chromebook Cover Wrap-up to remind teachers, students, parents, administrators, and taxpayers that unprotected Chromebooks will break and ruin your holidays.

Here's a list of articles pertaining to Chromebook protection. See if your school district made it on our list this year. If not, you can still read the articles to find out why your school district should be on the list, especially if your Chromebooks are not protected and are breaking.

Crystal Lake High School District 155: In Search of Chromebook Accessories

Wapello Elementary School Could Use Chromebook Covers

Rockingham County - There's Still Time to Save Your Chromebooks

Fort Dodge Knows What Breaks on Chromebooks - Here's How to Fix it

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Jinks and Surfside's $476,000 Investment Should be Covered

Chicago School District 73 May Overpay for Chromebook Cases

Jaffrey-Rindge School District 1:1 Chromebooks

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Departamento de Educación de Puerto Rico y Chromebooks

Can Kansas Schools Afford NOT to Purchase Chromebooks With Craniums?

New South Wales Schools and Chromebooks

Make America Great Again, One Decision at a Time

Cranium Chromebook Case Video

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My Chromebook is Protected With a Cranium

Protect Church or School Chromebooks With The Cranium Hard Case

BYOT Like Lewisville Independent School District Can Create Tech Pain

When Your Laptop Screen Breaks

Nouvelle housse Chromebook protège comme aucun autre

Shawnee Mission, Blue Valley, Park Hill, Lee's Summit to Prepare for Future

Protecting Chromebooks in Capital Territory, Australia

Howard County Public Schools BYOD Chromebook Protection

Chromebook Usage Agreements

Dollar Bay-Tamarack Area Schools Parents Must Read This About Chromebooks

Naperville District 204 Chromebooks

Fuzzy Vision One91 - Are Those Chromebooks Unprotected?

Ridgefield Chromebooks Are Here!

Jurupa Unified School District to Get Chromebooks, Need Craniums

Park Ridge-Niles School Dist. 64 Gets Chromebooks, As Do Others

Placer Union High School District Needs Craniums for Its Chromebooks

Get the Cranium Chromebook Protector Here

Breckenridge Studio 5 Takes a Break

Cranium Chromebook Covers

LCMS Schools Implement Chromebooks

Cranium Covers for Chromebooks

Cranium Chromebook Covers

New York City Schools Chromebooks

Deutschland kann den besten Chromebook-Schutz in Amerika haben

Queensland Schools Searching for Chromebooks and Covers

Schools in Victoria, Australia Need Chromebooks and Cases

Schools in New South Wales - Chromebooks or BYOD

Best Portable Whiteboard - The Cranium

St. Germaine School New Chromebooks

HP G4 vs Lenovo 100S Budget Chromebook

We've Got Chromebooks! Now What?

Chromebook Hard Case Protectors Work Best

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Douglas County Schools in Colorado: Gum on Your Chromebook

Oh No-ville, Lowville, Are Those Unprotected Chromebooks in the Photo?

Students at South and West Stokes High Schools Stoked to Get Chromebooks

Morgan County, TN, High Schools Get Chromebooks; Need Craniums

If You Have an Extra Large 14" Chromebook, You Need an Extra Large Cranium

Morristown, NJ Chromebook Usage

When In Rome City, Get Chromebooks

Lakeview Elementary School students in Negaunee - A Chromebook Fishing Lesson

Providence, RI Chromebooks Stolen; Need Protection

Seaside High School Chromebooks Provided by Monterey Peninsula Unified School District

Clearwater Unified School District  New Chromebooks in Large Cases

Clinton City School Chromebook Protection Program

PlanIT Jordan Chromebooks: Interstellar Risk

Clayton County Public Schools  Chromebooks Can Last Longer

Gwinnett County Public Schools and Chromebooks

New York City Schools and Chromebooks

Granville County Public Schools Get Chromebooks. And Then?

Alpena Public Schools Looking to Implement Chromebooks by September 1

Lawndale Elementary School District On The Chromebook Path

Homer 33C Tech Plan is Good, Could be Better

Augusta School District USD 402 to Get Chromebooks in Need of Protection

Brown County Schools in Ohio Get Chromebooks

Chromebook Protection

Northern Beaches Secondary College BYOD Scheme is Pricey

Chromebooks in New South Wales Need Protection of a Cranium

Lenovo N22 Chromebook Hard Case Protector For Schools

Chromebook iPearl mCover Hard Shell Case Review