I was told on my neighborhood Facebook page that the bar at 95th and Lackman was a Packers bar. While they do have a Packers banner (the only other NFL team other than the Chiefs), it was obviously more of a Chiefs hangout. In fact, I was the only one there watching a Packers game that was not on local TV, meaning either all other Packers fans in the area get some kind of satellite package or it's not really that much of a Packer Backer bar. At least the game was on, so I drank my two beers and watched it. However, when I asked about being able to see my Bucks play, the bartender said they do not get NBA League Pass, so it would have to be on TNT. Since the Bucks get maybe two games a year on TNT, that's not an option for me, so my quest to find a bar in Lenexa, Kansas, with NBA League Pass began.

When I searched the title of this article, I did not find much. Closedb seemed to have a difficult-to-read (on mobile) list of bars with their features. When I went back on my desktop, I found that it showed Johnny's Tavern Antioch as the main bar in the area that lists NBA League Pass. However, Johnny's is 5 miles from my house, and if I'm going to enjoy a couple of beers during a game, I'd rather be able to walk or drive a bit less.

If you know of a bar in Lenexa, KS, that has NBA League Pass and is closer to 87th and Lackman, let everyone know in the comments section below. I will write more if I discover one myself, too. If you happen to own a bar in Lenexa and want a better website that advertises your features, then try Passive Ninja. There is no reason for potential patrons to not know what you have available. You also might want to add a listing to closedb, since that seems to come up when I search for bars.

Also, I know some of you out there are wondering why I'm not looking for a Lenexa bar that plays Kansas Jayhawks basketball games. As someone who grew up in a town with an NBA team, I got used to rooting for my team. I am sure most folks in Kansas will tell me they don't like the NBA because players don't try as hard as those in college or whatever. I've heard it all before. And I totally agree they try very hard in college (to make it to the NBA). I am sure the Kansas football team players also try very hard.