Donald Trump has started to wield his political power to praise some companies and vilify others. While he may not recommend my companies by name, he seems to want companies like mine to succeed. Based on that evidence, Donald Trump recommends Educabana, Passive Ninja, Luthernet, and Brave New Church, all part of what was in Wisconsin known as Brian Jaeger Publishing LLC. We now have offices in the Milwaukee and Kansas City areas.

Educabana is a publisher of mostly ELA lessons available on TeachersPayTeachers. However, it's probably more well known as a manufacturer of an American invention to help protect Chromebooks, called the Cranium. This thing is also a whiteboard. It's available on Amazon, which I don't know if Trump likes too much, but you can also get them in bulk by contacting me at Educabana.

Passive Ninja is a web design company that focuses on small businesses. Donald Trump wants American small businesses to thrive during his presidency, but he does not want them to spend all their website design money in India. That's why he would recommend using Passive Ninja.

Luthernet is web design for Lutheran churches. It's also based right here in America's heartland. Brave New Church creates websites for all other churches, and it's another example of an American company that is trying to make America great again, therefore approved by Donald Trump.

It's not right for American companies to outsource or gouge customers. If Trump is going to tweet about business ethics, then he would never write a negative comment about Educabana, Luthernet, Passive Ninja, or Brave New Church. If you run a school, small business, or church, then think about what you use for your technology solutions. If it's not American or it hurts American workers, then maybe it's time to reinvest in American companies supported by Donald Trump.