So I was looking for an open mic for some poetry in Johnson County, and I had some trouble finding a whole lot of poetry open mics in the county, let alone Lenexa. Maybe Shawnee, Overland Park, or Merriam have some kind of poetry movements. Maybe it's all happening in Leawood. Since I'm new to town, I'm just not sure that there's any kind of poetry happening on the Kansas side of KC.

Lisa says I can't really attend one even if I find one, since I'm not allowed a social life for anything that can't really make me money or help me with my business. I tell her that writers and lovers of writing might want help writing their own Kindle books or websites, but she says I should focus on business. So here I am, searching for an open mic poetry night I'm not really allowed to attend. Or an off-limits poetry slam.

Maybe I'll just hold it in my front yard. A few beers and a karaoke mic. During the day when no one's around, including my wife. Check out some of my potential works here. And it's not like I don't sell them. In fact, Brian Jaeger sells a poetry book in the top 4,000,000 in book sales. That's pretty sweet.

So let's plan on maybe a poetry slam in the front yard sometime soon. I could make sandwiches.