Having grown up in Milwaukee and lived here for 40 years, it might seem like I'd be sad to see Bluemound Road or Capitol Drive for the last time. Actually, that's not what I'll never see again and not what I'll miss. Places are pretty replaceable, but faces are not, and many of those will be memories or Facebook pals. Then again, about half of my Facebook friends actually live in MKE, and I only see a few of them ever few years, so that won't change a whole lot. I will miss Milwaukee's lakefront and our proximity to it living where we do. But there's a lake somewhere in Kansas or Missouri, just not 15,000. Anyhow, I came here to bury Milwaukee, not to praise it, so let's focus on Kansas City.

The Manly City

I don't know what it means, but KC rates high as a manly city. Maybe it's because there are a couple of sports teams and lots of grills. No matter, I'll be in the suburbs on the Kansas side, so I'm not sure that's as manly, anyhow.


I will try my luck at convincing people in KC they need websites like the ones I can deliver. If they cannot be convinced, I can teach. If I can't teach, there are plenty of distribution centers to work at. Kansas City has jobs and opportunities for me. It also has Google Fiber, meaning I can build websites even faster.

Church and School

We've got that covered. The kids will be attending Hope Lutheran School in Shawnee. Our family will also be attending Hope Lutheran Church. I think a Lutheran education is a good idea, and now will be our chance to see it in action. I will be sure to keep others updated on Satisfamily

If you want to know more about our decision to choose Hope Lutheran School, read this article about vouchers and schools or this article about Hope. You might also be interested in my assessment of their school and church website.

What Else?

I don't really know what else I need. I like where I 've lived in MKE because we can walk to some businesses, but we might not get that feeling in Shawnee or Overland Park or Lenexa. However, we also want to get decent value for our housing dollar and be near Hope Lutheran for the kids, so we'll take the suburban lifestyle for a while. Honestly, the area reminded me of living outside of Milwaukee in Brookfield or the newer Waukesha neighborhoods. You know, classier than Menomonee Falls or Butler, but not quite Delafield or Wales. There's nothing wrong with that.