If you are looking to rent a house near The Medical College of Wisconsin, check out this one, being offered very close to The Milwaukee Regional Medical Center. The owner is looking to rent rather than sell because he likes the home and area so much that the family may well return after trying out opportunities in another part of the country for a few years. However, the owner wants to make sure that only the right tenants rent the house, and he is therefore trying to find young families who are looking for housing during residency at MCW.

You can find more information about the house and neighborhood by clicking on the link above to Satisfamily.com, the homeowner's family blog.

We'll take a look at what you get in a house compared to the new Echelon Apartments (for around the same price). Here's a list of items you get as part of a 2 bedroom 2 bath ($1845 - $2020) apartment:

Clubroom, Billiards Room, Fitness Center, Outdoor Pool, Walk-In Closets, Pet Friendly, Fantasic Views, Window Coverings, Stainless Steel Appliances, Balcony, Quartz Countertops, Available Indoor and Outdoor Parking

Keep in mind that these are all less than 1200 square foot apartments. New, yes, but pricey. For around the same price, you'd get a house with 1400 main floor square feet and s full basement (mostly finished):

Clubroom - rec room, Billiards Room - go to a bar, Fitness Center - separate basement exercise room, Outdoor Pool - Hoyt Park, Closets, Pet Friendly - just not a dozen cats, Fantasic Views - of your 1/4 yard (big for the city), Window Coverings, Stainless Steel Appliances in white, Balcony - patio, Quartz Countertops - yes!, Available Indoor and Outdoor Parking - 2 1/2 car garage and long driveway.

Mostly, we're talking about a house versus a two-bedroom apartment. If you might be expanding your family while you live here (children, not friends), then get the house and skip the swanky apartment complex.