Fashion Alert: Jeans That Work for you 

I know I'm not a fashion expert. Not on guy fashion and not on girl fashion. However, as a former high school teacher and college student, I can tell you that all the hot college girls are wearing clothing like that found on ChicNova. I can't tell you exactly why I know this, but as I clicked on a few links on the website, I knew my wife wouldn't want the clothes (not that she'd look bad in any of it), and I knew my daughter wouldn't want the clothes either (not that I'd let her wear the what I saw).

Hot high school girls go to trendy mall stores, but hot college girls might live in some po-dunk college town like Eau Claire that has a Shopko and a half-empty mall. These hot college girls are shopping online, and ChicNova looks like the right place for them, providing clothing that isn't quite made for the boardroom but looks great strewn on the floor of a dorm room, possibly in the background of a selfie.

A side note: not-yet-successful college guys, while at college, want to see hot college girls wearing sexy clothes rather than girls who stumble out of bed and put on jogging pants to show up for a meteorology lab. Those guys will have plenty of years of marriage to see that kind of thing. Besides, girls who show up to class like that look like they eat onion sandwiches and shower when they start feeling itchy. You want to show up to class looking like your entire body smells like vanilla flowers.