Back when Lisa and I got married, there were a few ways to find a limo for a wedding. We chose word of mouth, which does not always work well. Someone had told Lisa's mom how wonderful this guy Tony was as a chauffeur. I questioned how much of a difference the driver could make, but she really wanted us to hire Tony Bologne, so we did. Then my friend Casey got us lost trying to get out of Sussex, and being a typical best man without a plan, the groom got stuck paying for Tony to get an extra hour of pay for an extra five minutes of time. The other way to get a limo would have been to call each service, but that would have taken hours, so I was OK with a recommendation. I guess the last way to hire a limo would have been at one of those wedding convention things, but it felt like everyone's prices were inflated when we attended one of those.

The way that did not exist when Lisa and I got married was the Price 4 Limo method. I tried this out, and I have to say that I would have been all over it for our wedding. You choose information like location, size of party, and times. It gives you a ton of options. The best part is that you know all the services are competing, so you're going to get a decent price. And let me tell you that most limo drivers are just drivers. He's nowhere near as important as your DJ or photographer for personality, so just find one on this site that meets your needs.

And it's not just for weddings. You can rent a limo or bus for parties, proms, bachelor/ bachelorette parties, corporate outings, sporting events. concerts, graduations, homecomings, or just to go on a fancy date for your 10th Anniversary, this time without Tony's bologne.



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