The best church websites today are mobile-friendly, meaning they work on any device. That eliminates about half of all church websites from our list immediately. Next, the website needs to look good on those devices. A few other must-haves for churches include a contact page with a form instead of an email address to eliminate spam, an interactive map, an interactive calendar, and a sensible balance between static content and blog (news) articles. When you have all that, then you can start to look at images, color choices, image galleries, and other nifty add-ons. The problem is, very few church websites really finish the basics before they move on to something else. What follows is a list of several church sites that have made the right choices in both form and function.


Trinity Lutheran Oshkosh

This website has great contrasting colors and a simple look, but it also has an extensive menu with all of the necessary pages to show off its technical features. It’s not too heavy with images, but the main image looks beautiful with the other color options. A visitor would assume the church is modern yet welcoming of new people.


Immanuel Lutheran Mayville

This website fun, but not so much fun that it takes away from the function. In fact, the compressed top menu makes it simple to navigate, while the animated images keep a first-time explorer engaged on the front page. It’s bright yellow and bright blue, but with enough white space to keep it all under control.


Christ the Life Lutheran

This website looks like a fashion designer had a hand in putting it together, with soft purples and blues that provide nice contrast while reflecting the hues of the front page rotating images. Everything fits so nicely together that it seems like a visitor would probably fit in very well at this church, too.


Trinity Lutheran Milwaukee

Using a sidebar as an image gallery might not normally make sense, but this church is about verticals, so it makes a lot of sense here. The contrasting blue and red liven up the site with a bit of passion, with the tan bringing it back to its conservative roots. The focus on history and imagery is the right choice for such a photogenic church.

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