Back when I thought I could help the world through writing, I wrote a few articles for the now-defunct

You're here because you care about public education. You may only care about how much it costs or how it affects the value of your home. Hopefully, you also care about the kids. You also recognize the challenges in public education, and you want to do something to help fix the system. The purpose of this site is to publish ideas that could help MPS and, in turn, other school districts around the country.

Our belief is that a free public education is a right for all Americans. How that might look in the future is in question right now, and we want to inform you about the options so that you can become an informed stakeholder in our future.

We are not paid by liberal or conservative think tanks or subsidized by any political party. As human beings, parents, and taxpayers, we have opinions, but we want those opinions to be informed by reality rather than political rhetoric.