Taken Summer 2010

When I described this class to my wife and daughter, they were both excited about what our youngster could get out of it. Art, dance, music, and more. However, after a couple of classes, my wife described to me what they actually did in the class. Last-minute projects seemingly put together the morning of the program, and time left over to sit around and do nothing. I was disappointed, but I know that my wife is demanding when it comes to educational value for our children, so I figured I'd check it out myself.

Yep, exactly what my wife said. We started over five minutes late. The teacher had just bought some of the materials, and the others she gathered from her yard that morning. Parents had to help set up the activity. Sure it was a nice little art project, but that was it. No music, no dancing, no cooking, nothing else. The teacher was preoccupied with one student who was a bit slower than the rest, and maybe things happened at a good pace for him, but everyone else lost out on what should have been a much more enriching class.